The Proceedings are available here.

Wednesday, November 27th: 1st Symposium Day

13:30 Registration and Welcome Reception
14:00 Opening and welcome [Slides]
Session 1: Warming Up
14:20 André van Hoorn, Wilhelm Hasselbring: Kieker 101 [Slides]
14:45 Steffen Becker, Ralf Reussner: Palladio 101 [Slides]
15:10 Coffee Break
Session 2: Technical Talks
15:30 Christian Stritzke and Sebastian Lehrig: "Why and How We Should Use Graphiti to Implement PCM Editors" [Slides]
16:00 Nils Christian Ehmke: "Everything in Sight: Kieker's WebGUI in Action (Tutorial)" [Slides]
16:30 Oliver Hummel and Robert Heinrich: "Towards Automated Software Project Planning - Extending Palladio for the Simulation of Software Processes" [Slides]
17:00 Break
17:30 Co-located Karlsruhe Web Performance Meetup Talk
19:00 Dinner and Socializing (Höpfner Burghof, self-payed)

Thursday, November 28th: 2nd Symposium Day

Session 3: Technical Talks
9:00 Keynote by Stefan Siegl (NovaTec GmbH):
15 Years of APM – Why Applications Still Struggle with Performance Problems [Slides]
9:50 Andreas Brunnert, Alexandru Danciu, Christian Vögele, Daniel Tertilt and Helmut Krcmar: "Integrating the Palladio-Bench into the Software Development Process of a SOA Project" [Slides]
10:20 Coffee Break
Session 4: Technical Talks
10:40 Teerat Pitakrat: "Hora: Online Failure Prediction Framework for Component-based Software Systems Based on Kieker and Palladio" [Slides]
11:10 Misha Strittmatter, Philipp Merkle, Andreas Rentschler and Michael Langhammer: "Towards a Modular Palladio Component Model" [Slides]
11:40 Jan Waller and Wilhelm Hasselbring: "A Benchmark Engineering Methodology to Measure the Overhead of Application-Level Monitoring" [Slides]
12:10 Lunch Break
Session 5: Technical Talks
13:25 Keynote by Catia Trubiani (Univ. L'Aquila):
Software Performance Antipatterns Challenges: How to Get Rid of Worms Before Contaminating the Apple? [Slides]
14:15 Daria Giacinto and Sebastian Lehrig: "Towards Integrating Java EE into ProtoCom" [Slides]
14:45 Nils Christian Ehmke, Jan Waller and Wilhelm Hasselbring: "Development of a Concurrent and Distributed Analysis Framework for Kieker" [Slides]
15:15 Coffee Break
Session 6: Technical Talks
15:40 Florian Fittkau, Jan Waller, Peer Brauer and Wilhelm Hasselbring: "Scalable and Live Trace Processing with Kieker Utilizing Cloud Computing" [Slides]
16:10 Reiner Jung, Robert Heinrich and Eric Schmieders: "Model-driven Instrumentation with Kieker and Palladio to Forecast Dynamic Applications" [Slides]
16:40 Fabian Gorsler, Fabian Brosig and Samuel Kounev: "Controlling the Palladio Bench using the Descartes Query Language" [Slides]
17:10 Coffee Break
Discussion and Farewell
17:30 Wrap-Up Discussion, Collecting Topics for Break-Out-Groups
18:15 Closing of Symposium Part
19:00 Dinner and Socializing (Self-Payed)

Friday, November 29th: Developer Day

Part 1: Break-Out-Groups
8:45 Planning of Break-Out-Groups (BOGs)
9:00 Discussion in BOGs
10:00 Break
Part 2: Open Space
10:15 Presentation of BOG results
Design time vs. Runtime Models [Slides]
EMF Profiles [Slides]
PCM Refactoring [Slides]
Shared Experiences with Kieker and Palladio [Slides]
Graphiti vs. GMF vs. Spray [Slides]
10:35 Open Space
11:50 Final Closing
12:00 End