7th Symposium on Software Performance 2016

Descartes/Kieker/Palladio Days 2016
(Joint Developer and Community Meeting)

November 08–09, 2016
Kiel, Germany


We are celebrating ten years of Kieker!


Performance is one of the most relevant quality attributes of any IT system. While good performance leads to high user satisfaction, weak response times lead to loss of users, perceived unavailability of the system, or unnecessarily high costs of network or computing resources. Therefore, various techniques to evaluate, control, and improve the performance of IT systems have been developed, ranging from online monitoring and benchmarking to modeling and prediction. Experience shows, that for system design or later optimization, such techniques should be applied in smart combination.

Therefore, the “Symposium on Software Performance” brings together researchers and practitioners interested in all facets of software performance, ranging from modeling and prediction to monitoring and runtime management. The symposium is organized by the three established research groups Descartes, Kieker, and Palladio; thus this symposium also serves as a joint community meeting. Descartes' focus are techniques and tools for engineering self-aware computing systems designed for maximum dependability and efficiency. Kieker is a well‐established tool and approach for monitoring software performance of complex, large, and distributed IT systems. Palladio is a likewise‐established tool and approach for modeling software architectures of IT systems and for simulating their performance.

The symposium program will include contributions from practitioners and researchers in the field of software performance, including but not limited to approaches employing Descartes/Kieker/Palladio.

In addition to the three organizing groups, SSP is also supported by the special interest group "Softwaretechnik" (software engineering) of "Gesellschaft für Informatik (GI)" and by the special interest committee "Messung, Modellierung und Bewertung (MMB) von Rechensystemen" (measurement, modeling, and evaluation of computer systems) of GI and "Informationstechnische Gesellschaft ITG im VDE".