The proceedings include abstracts of all contributions as well as the papers as linked below.

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Wednesday, November 26th: Developer Day

Venue: University of Stuttgart, Universitätsstraße 38, 70569 Stuttgart
14:00 Descartes/Kieker/Palladio developer meetings
19:00 Dinner and Socializing (Location: Brauhaus Calwer Eck; Self-payed)

Thursday, November 27th: Symposium Day 1

Venue: NovaTec GmbH, Dieselstraße 18/1, 70771 Leinfelden-Echterdingen
8:30:00 Registration, Welcome Reception
9:00:00 Opening and Welcome [Slides] [Proceedings Preface]
Session 1: Technical Talks
9:20:00 Samuel Kounev, Fabian Brosig, and Nikolaus Huber [Slides]
The Descartes Modeling Language: Status Quo
9:45:00 Andreas Brunnert, Stefan Neubig and Helmut Krcmar [Slides] [Paper]
Evaluating the Prediction Accuracy of Generated Performance Models in Up- and Downscaling Scenarios
10:10:00 Teerat Pitakrat and André van Hoorn [Slides]
Investigating the Use of Bayesian Networks in the Hora Approach for Component-based Online Failure Prediction
10:35:00 Coffee Break
Session 2: Technical Talks
11:00:00 Felix Willnecker, Andreas Brunnert and Helmut Krcmar [Slides] [Paper]
Predicting Energy Consumption by Extending the Palladio Component Model
11:25:00 Christian Stier, Henning Groenda and Anne Koziolek [Slides] [Paper]
Towards Modeling and Analysis of Power Consumption of Self-Adaptive Software Systems in Palladio
11:50:00 André van Hoorn, Christian Vögele, Eike Schulz, Wilhelm Hasselbring and Helmut Krcmar [Slides]
Integrating Workload Specification and Extraction for Model-Based and Measurement-Based Performance Evaluation: An Approach for Session-Based Software Systems
12:15:00 Lunch Break
Session 3: Industrial Talks
13:25:00 Heiko Koziolek (ABB Research) [Slides]
6 years of Performance Modeling at ABB Corporate Research
14:00:00 Stefan Fütterling and Michael Großmann (Capgemini) [Slides]
Performance Challenges in a Mainframe System
14:35:00 Stefan Siegl (NovaTec) [Slides]
Using the free application performance diagnosis tool “inspectIT”
15:10:00 Coffee Break and Poster Session
Dušan Okanović and Milan Vidaković [Poster] [Paper]
Evaluation of Alternative Instrumentation Frameworks
Jóakim V. Kistowski, Nikolas Roman Herbst, and Samuel Kounev [Poster] [Paper]
LIMBO: A Tool for Modeling Variations in Open Workload Arrivals (Best Poster Award)
Santiago Gómez Sáez, Vasilios Andrikopoulos and Frank Leymann [Poster]
Cloud Application Design Support for Performance Optimization and Cloud Service Selection
Simon Spinner and Jürgen Walter [Slides]
LibReDE: A Library for Resource Demand Estimation
fortiss, Performance Management Group [Poster]
Performance Management Work Tools (PMW-Tools)
Sergej Svorobej, Henning Groenda, Christian Stier, James Byrne, and Pj Byrne [Poster]
CactoSim – Optimisation-aware data centre prediction toolkit
SPEC RG DevOps Performance Working Group [Poster]
Kieker Poster
Session 4: Tutorials (in Parallel Tracks)
15:50:00 Simon Spinner and Jürgen Walter [Poster]
LibReDE: A Library for Resource Demand Estimation (Tutorial)
15:50:00 Sebastian Lehrig and Matthias Becker [Slides] [Paper]
Approaching the Cloud: Using Palladio for Scalability, Elasticity, and Efficiency Analyses (Tutorial)
16:20:00 Jinying Yu and Goran Piskachev [Slides]
Static Spotter for Scalability Anti-Patterns Detection (Tutorial)
16:20:00 Sergej Svorobej, Henning Groenda, Christian Stier, James Byrne and Pj Byrne [Poster]
CactoSim – Optimisation-aware data centre prediction toolkit (Tutorial)
16:50:00 Coffee Break
Session 5: Technical Talks
17:15:00 Marigianna Skouradaki, Vincenzo Ferme, Cesare Pautasso, Dieter Roller and Frank Leymann [Slides] [Paper]
Benchmarking Workflow Management Systems
17:40:00 Jan Waller, Florian Fittkau and Wilhelm Hasselbring [Slides] [Paper]
Application Performance Monitoring: Trade-Off between Overhead Reduction and Maintainability
18:05:00 Werner Dirlewanger [Slides] [Paper]
The DIN/ISO definition and a measurement procedure of SW-efficiency
18:30:00 Closing of Symposium Day 1
19:00:00 Dinner and Socializing (Location: Wirtshaus zur Schwedenscheuer; Self-Payed)

Friday, November 28th: Symposium Day 2

Venue: NovaTec GmbH, Dieselstraße 18/1, 70771 Leinfelden-Echterdingen
Session 6: Technical Talks
9:00:00 Misha Strittmatter [Slides]
Enabling Assembly of Systems and its Implications within the Palladio Component Model
9:25:00 Jürgen Walter, Simon Spinner and Samuel Kounev [Slides]
Parallel Simulation of Queueing Petri Nets
9:50:00 Henning Schulz, Albert Flaig, Alexander Wert and André van Hoorn [Slides]
Adaptive Instrumentation of Java Applications for Experiment-Based Performance Analysis
10:15:00 Coffee Break
Session 7: Demos (Parallel) and Technical Talks
10:40:00 Jóakim V. Kistowski, Nikolas Roman Herbst and Samuel Kounev [Slides]
Using and Extending LIMBO for the Descriptive Modeling of Arrival Behaviors (Tutorial)
10:40:00 Christian Klaussner and Sebastian Lehrig [Slides] [Paper]
Using Java EE ProtoCom for SAP HANA Cloud (Tutorial)
11:10:00 Nils Christian Ehmke, Christian Wulf and Wilhelm Hasselbring [Slides]
Experience with Continuous Integration for Kieker
11:35:00 Alexandru Danciu, Andreas Brunnert and Helmut Krcmar [Slides] [Paper]
Towards Performance Awareness in Java EE Development Environments
12:00:00 Lunch Break
Session 8: Technical Talks
13:00:00 Misha Strittmatter and Michael Langhammer [Slides] [Paper]
Identifying Semantically Cohesive Modules within the Palladio Meta-Model
13:25:00 Reiner Jung, Misha Strittmatter, Philipp Merkle and Robert Heinrich
Evolution of the Palladio Component Model: Process and Modeling Methods
13:50:00 Christian Wulf, Nils Christian Ehmke and Wilhelm Hasselbring [Slides] [Paper]
Toward a Generic and Concurrency-Aware Pipes & Filters Framework
14:15:00 Closing of Symposium
14:15:00 Open Space
16:00:00 End

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