Note: All sessions of the main program will be held on the top floor of the brand new Infosim HQ, Landsteinerstraße 4.

Monday, November 4th: Developer Day

12:00Developer Meeting
Informatikgebäude (M2) Room A109
19:00Dinner and Socializing at the Restaurant Hubland (self-paid)

Tuesday, November 5th: Symposium Day 1

8:30Registration + Desk Opening
10:00Opening and Welcome Note
10:20-10:45[Industry Talk] Quo Vadis Network Monitoring
David Hock and Stefan Köhler, Infosim Gmbh
Session 1: Monitoring 1Session Chair: Holger Eichelberger
10:45-11:10[Paper] Identifying Bottlenecks in a Visualization Platform for Tracing Adaptation Decisions
Martin Pfannemüller and Christian Becker, University of Mannheim
11:10-11:35[Paper] Using OPEN.xtrace and Architecture-Level Models to Predict Workload Performance on In-Memory Database Systems
Maximilian Barnert, Adrian Streitz, Johannes Rank, Harald Kienegger and Helmut Krcmar, Trier University
11:35-12:00[Paper] Graph-Based Analysis and Visualization of Software Traces
Richard Müller and Matteo Fischer, Leipzig University (Slides)
12:00-13:00Lunch Break
Session 2: System AnalysisSession Chair: Wilhelm Hasselbring
13:00-13:25[Paper] Memory Leak Visualization using Evolving Software Cities
Markus Weninger, Lukas Makor and Hanspeter Mössenböck, Johannes Kepler University Linz
13:25-13:50[Paper] On the Difficulties of Supervised Event Prediction based on Unbalanced Real-World Data in Multi-System Monitoring
Andreas Schörgenhumer, Mario Kahlhofer, Peter Chalupar, Hanspeter Mössenböck and Paul Grünbacher, Johannes Kepler University Linz
13:50-1415[Industry Talk] Timeseries gone wild: small- & big-data analysis with Software-EKG
Stefan Krause and Harald Störrle, QAware
14:15-14:40[Industry Talk] Do we need a resource efficiency label for software?
Andreas Brunnert and Richard Vobl, ReTiT
14:50-15:20Coffee Break
Session 3: Modeling 1Session Chair: Dominik Werle
15:20-15:45[Paper] On Learning Parametric Dependencies from Monitoring Data
Johannes Grohmann, Simon Eismann and Samuel Kounev, University of Würzburg (Slides)
15:45-16:10[Paper] Towards domain-specific extensibility of quality-aware software architecture meta-models
Sebastian Dieter Krach, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology
16:10-16:30[Talk] The Applicability of Palladio for Assessing the Quality of Cloud-based Microservice Architectures
Floriment Klinaku, Dominik Bilgery and Steffen Becker, University of Stuttgart
16:30-16:55[Paper] Towards Reverse Engineering for Component-Based Systems with Domain Knowledge of the Technologies Used
Yves Richard Schneider and Anne Koziolek, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology
19:00-22:30Dinner/SSP Birthday Party

Wednesday, November 6th: Symposium Day 2

8:30Registration + Desk Opening
Session 4: Monitoring 2Session Chair: Holger Knoche
9:00-9:25[Industry Talk] inspectIT is dead – long live inspectIT Ocelot!
Henning Schulz, Marius Oehler, Alexander Wert and Jonas Kunz, Novatec
9:25-9:50[Industry Talk] Field Report: KPI-based management of commercial software development
Stefan Luckhaus, PASS Consulting
10:00-10:30Coffee Break
Session 5: ExperimentationSession Chair: Dusan Okanovic
10:30-10:55[Paper] Towards Testing the Performance Influence of Hypervisor Hypercall Interface Behavior
Lukas Beierlieb, Lukas Iffländer, Aleksandar Milenkoski and Samuel Kounev, University of Würzburg
10:55-11:20[Paper] Towards Understanding the Performance of Distributed Database Management Systems in Volatile Environments
Jörg Domaschka and Daniel Seybold, Ulm University
11:20-11:40[Talk] “PerformoBot, please help me!” – Chatbot-supported Performance Evaluation
Samuel Beck, Lasse Merz, Christoph Zorn, Fabian Beck, Leonel Merino, Dušan Okanović and André van Hoorn, University of Stuttgart
11:40-12:00[Talk] Chaos Experimentation based on Established Risk Analysis Methods: Experiences from an Industrial Case Study
Dominik Kesim, University of Stuttgart
12:00-13:00Lunch Break
Session 6: PerformanceSession Chair: Johannes Kroß
13:00-13:20[Talk] Assessing and Improving Dependability and Security of CI/CD Infrastructures
Thomas F. Düllmann, University of Stuttgart
13:20-13:45[Paper] On the Validity of Performance Antipattern at Code Level
David Georg Reichelt, Stefan Kühne and Wilhelm Hasselbring, Leipzig University
13:45-14:10[Paper] Improving Batch Performance when Migrating to Microservices with Chunking and Coroutines
Holger Knoche, University of Kiel
14:10-14:40Coffee Break
Session 7: Modeling 2Session Chair: Sebastian Krach
14:40-15:05[Paper] Data Stream Operations as First-Class Entities in Palladio
Dominik Werle, Stephan Seifermann and Anne Koziolek, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology
15:05-15:30[Paper] Modelling and Predicting Memory Behavior in Parallel Systems with Network Links—Palladio-based Experiment Report
Philipp Gruber and Markus Frank, University of Stuttgart (Slides)
15:30-15:55[Paper] Mapping Data Flow Models to the Palladio Component Model
Stephan Seifermann, Dominik Werle and Mazen Ebada, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (Slides)