All sessions of the main program will be on-site in Leipzig. The event will take place under the 2G-rule (vaccinated, cured – “geimpft, genesen”). Please arrive on-time, since we need to check your Covid-19 status at the checkin. If you arrive later, please contact us in advance, so we can organize the checking of your Covid-19 status later.

Please always keep a distance of at least 1,50m from people that are not from your travel group. Detailed hygiene instructions will be presented at the beginning of the main program.

Details of the program may change due to organizational or changed Covid-19 requirements.

Monday, November 8th: Developer Day

14:00-18:00Kieker Developer Meeting (A120, Neues Augusteum, Augustusplatz 10,04109 Leipzig)
19:00 (Start)Dinner and Socializing (Self-Paid)
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Tuesday, November 9th: Symposium Day 1

09:00-9:45Registration + Desk Opening / Get Together
9:45-10:20Opening and Welcome Note with Short Reports on Palladio, Descartes und Kieker
Session 1: Industry, Session Chair: David Georg Reichelt
10:20-10:50[Industry Talk] Denis Angeletta (RETIT): Investigating the Performance of Reactive Libraries in a Quarkus Micro-Service (Slides)
10:50-11:20[Industry Talk] Ricky Kaehlert, Henry Kursawe (Appsfactory): Software As A Medical Device – Creating Digital Products Based On ISO 13485
Session 2: Measurement I, Session Chair: Johannes Grohmann
11:20-11:45Lukas Beierlieb, Lukas Iffländer, Aleksandar Milenkoski, Thomas Prantl and Samuel Kounev: Measuring the Performance Impact of Branching Instructions (Slides)
11:45-12:10Richard Müller, Dirk Mahler and Christopher Klinkmüller: Experiences in Replicating an Experiment on Comparing Static and Dynamic Coupling Metrics (Slides)
12:10-13:40Lunch Break
Session 3: Measurement II (Benchmarking), Session Chair: Reiner Jung
13:40-14:00[Extended Abstract] Daniel Seybold and Jörg Domaschka: Automated Benchmarking of Cloud-hosted DBMS with benchANT (Slides)
14:00-14:25David Georg Reichelt, Stefan Kühne and Wilhelm Hasselbring: Overhead Comparison of OpenTelemetry and Kieker (Slides)
14:25-14:50Christopher Noel Hesse and Holger Eichelberger: Benchmarking Neural Networks on Heterogeneous Hardware Resources (Slides)
14:50-15:15Sören Henning, Benedikt Wetzel and Wilhelm Hasselbring: Reproducible Benchmarking of Cloud-Native Applications with the Kubernetes Operator Pattern (Slides)
15:15-15:45Coffee Break
Session 4: Software Engineering Process, Session Chair: Holger Eichelberger
15:45-16:10Marcus Hilbrich and Fabian Lehmann: ßMACH – A Software Management Guidance (Slides)
16:10-16:35Sophie Schulz, Frederik Reiche, Sebastian Hahner and Jonas Schiffl: Continuous Secure Software Development and Analysis (Slides)
16:35-17:00[Extended Abstract] Sebastian Frank, Alireza Hakamian, André van Hoorn, Samuel Beck and Christoph Zorn: Scenario-based Elicitation, Specification, and Comprehension of Transient Software Behavior (Slides)
Ab 18:00Dinner & Wine Tour Through Leipzig (Eingang Mädlerpassage, Grimmaische Straße 2-4, 04109 Leipzig)

Wednesday, November 10th: Symposium Day 2

9:00-9:30Registration + Desk Opening
Session 5: Industry, Session Chair: Ralf Reussner
9:30-10:00Tino Schmidt (GISA): Increasing adaptability and flexibility by centralizing an on-premise ERP landscape on the SAP Business Technology Platform
10:00-10:20Coffee Break
Session 6: Measurement III (Monitoring), Session Chair: André van Horn
10:20-10:45Miguel Gomez Casado and Holger Eichelberger: Industry 4.0 Resource Monitoring – Experiences with Micrometer and Asset Administration Shells (Slides)
10:45-11:10Reiner Jung, Sven Gundlach and Wilhelm Hasselbring: Instrumenting C and Fortran Software with Kieker (Slides)
11:10-11:30[Extended Abstract] Reiner Jung, Sven Gundlach, Serafim Simonov and Wilhelm Hasselbring: Monitoring Python Applications with Kieker (Slides)
11:30-11:50[Extended Abstract] Martin Straesser and Samuel Kounev: Container Start Times: Empirical Analysis and Predictability (Slides)
11:50-13:20Lunch Break
Session 7: Microservices, Session Chair: Wilhelm Hasselbring
13:20-13:40[Extended Abstract] Dennis Kaiser, Bohdan Dovhan, André Bauer and Samuel Kounev: Towards Splitting Monolithic Workflows into Serverless Functions and Estimating Their Run-Time in the Earth Observation Domain (Slides)
13:40-14:00[Extended Abstract] Lion Wagner, Sebastian Frank, Alireza Hakamian and André van Hoorn: MiSim — A Lightweight and Extensible Simulator for a Scenario-based Resilience Evaluation of Microservice Architectures (Slides)
14:00-14:20Coffee Break
Session 8: Modeling, Session Chair: Steffen Becker
14:20-14:40[Extended Abstract] Julijan Katic, Floriment Klinaku and Steffen Becker: The Slingshot Simulator: An Extensible Event-Driven PCM Simulator (Slides)
14:40-14:55[Extended Abstract] Floriment Klinaku, Alireza Hakamian and Steffen Becker: Using Online Working Sessions as an Evaluation Technique for Research in SPE: Experience and Lessons Learned