Wednesday, November 4th: Developer Day

Venue: fortiss GmbH, 2nd floor, Guerickestraße 25, 80805 München
14:00Developer meetings
19:00Dinner and Socializing (Self-payed)
Paulaner im Tal, Tal 12, 80331 München

Thursday, November 5th: Symposium Day 1

Venue: Vorhoelzer Forum, 5th floor, Arcisstraße 21/Room 5170, 80333 München
8:30Opening and Welcome Reception [Slides]
8:45PCM Introduction and Status Updates [Slides]
Kieker Introduction and Status Updates [Slides]
Descartes Introduction and Status Updates [Slides]
9:15Yury Oleynik
Go Beyond Data: Real-time Analytics for Application Performance Management
10:15Coffee Break
Session 1: Industry (Session Chair: Ralf Reussner)
10:30Florian Lautenschlager, Andreas Kumlehn, Josef Adersberger and Michael Philippsen
Fast and efficient operational time series storage: The missing link in dynamic software analysis [Slides]
11:00Wolfgang Gottesheim
Performance Challenges along the Continuous Delivery Pipeline [Slides]
11:30Andreas Brunnert
RETIT – Performance Modeling in Industrial Practice [Slides]
Felix Willnecker, Andreas Brunnert, Bernhard Koch-Kemper and Helmut Krcmar
Full-Stack Performance Model Evaluation using Probabilistic Garbage Collection Simulation [Slides]
12:00Lunch Break
Session 2: Efficiency (Session Chair: Steffen Becker)
13:00Jóakim von Kistowski
Common Errors and Assumptions in Energy Measurement and Management [Slides]
13:30Hendrik Eikerling and Sebastian Lehrig
Analyzing Cost-Efficiency of Cloud Computing Applications with SimuLizar [Slides]
14:00Simon Spinner
Resource demand estimation in distributed, service-oriented applications using LibReDE [Slides]
14:30Poster Session + Coffee Break
PosterSPEC RG DevOps Performance Working Group
PosterKieker: Application Performance Monitoring and Dynamic Software Analysis
PosterChristoph Heger, André van Hoorn, Dušan Okanović, Stefan Siegl and Alexander Wert
diagnoseIT Project: Expert-guided Automatic Diagnosis of Performance Problems in Enterprise Applications
PosterReiner Jung, Wilhelm Hasselbring and Robert Heinrich
A Tool for Hypergraph-based Complexity and Modularity Analysis
PosterMarcus Hilbrich and Markus Frank
Job-Centric Monitoring as Enabler for Better Resource Usage
PosterMichael Langhammer, Max E. Kramer and Erik Burger
Change-Driven Consistency for Palladio Components, Behavior Specifications, Code, and Contracts
PosterAna-Maria-Cristina Nicolaescu, Horst Lichter, Artjom Göringer, Peter Alexander, Dung Le
The ARAMIS Workbench for Monitoring, Analysis and Visualization of Architectures based on Run-time Interactions
PosterChristian Stier, Anne Koziolek, Henning Groenda and Ralf Reussner
Model-Based Analysis of Energy Efficiency for Software Architectures
Session 3: Best Practices (Session Chair: Wilhelm Hasselbring)
15:15Günther Blaschek and Philipp Lengauer
Time Matters: Minimizing Garbage Collection Overhead with Minimal Effort [Slides]
15:45Christoph Heger, Dušan Okanović, Stefan Siegl, André van Hoorn and Alexander Wert
Fighting Groundhog Days: Expert-guided Automatic Diagnosis of Performance Problems in Enterprise Applications [Slides]
16:15Holger Eichelberger, Cui Qin, Klaus Schmid and Claudia Niederee
Adaptive Application Performance Management for Big Data Stream Processing [Slides]
16:45Coffee Break
Session 4: Cloud & Services (Session Chair: André van Hoorn)
17:00Andreas Weber, Nikolas Herbst, Henning Groenda and Samuel Kounev
BUNGEE: An Elasticity Benchmark for Self-Adaptive IaaS Cloud Environments [Slides]
17:30Henning Groenda and Christian Stier
Improving IaaS Cloud Analyses by Black-Box Resource Demand Modeling [Slides]
18:00Philipp Merkle and Holger Knoche
Extending the Palladio Component Model to Analyze Data Contention for Modernizing Existing Software Towards Service-Orientation [Slides]
18:30Closing talk and dinner directions
19:00 Dinner and Socializing (Self-payed)
Augustiner Klosterwirt, Augustinerstraße 1, 80331 München

Friday, November 6th: Symposium Day 2

Venue: Vorhoelzer Forum, 5th floor, Arcisstraße 21/Room 5170, 80333 München
8:45Opening and Welcome Reception
9:00Torsten Hellwig
Into the Wild – Life of a Performance Specialist
10:00Coffee Break
Session 5: Kieker (Session Chair: André van Hoorn)
10:30Christian Wulf and Wilhelm Hasselbring
Software Performance Anti-Patterns Observed and Resolved in Kieker [Slides]
11:00David Georg Reichelt and Fabian Scheller
Improving Performance Analysis of Software System Versions using Change-based Test Selection [Slides]
11:30Christian Zirkelbach, Wilhelm Hasselbring and Leslie Carr
Combining Kieker with Gephi for Performance Analysis and Interactive Trace Visualization [Slides]
12:00Lunch Break
Session 6: PCM (Session Chair: Steffen Becker)
13:00Johannes Kroß, Andreas Brunnert and Helmut Krcmar
Modeling Big Data Systems by Extending the Palladio Component Model [Slides]
13:20Jürgen Walter, Simon Eismann and Adrian Hildebrandt
Automated Transformation of Descartes Modeling Language to Palladio Component Model [Slides]
13:40Christian Vögele, Robert Heinrich, Robert Heilein, Helmut Krcmar and André van Hoorn
Modeling Complex User Behavior with the Palladio Component Model [Slides]
14:00Alexandru Danciu, Andreas Brunnert and Helmut Krcmar
A Performance Model Management Repository Based on the Palladio Component Model [Slides]
14:20Closing of the Symposium
14:30Open Space