Monday, November 7th: Developer Day

Wissenschaftszentrum Kiel, Room Bosch & Room Fraunhofer
13:00Lunch (self-paid)
14:00 - 18:00Kieker Developer Meeting (parallel Tracks)Meeting agendaRoom Bosch
14:00 - 18:00Palladio Developer Meeting (parallel Tracks) Room Fraunhofer
19:00Dinner and Socializing Location: Das Wirtshaus (self-paid)

Tuesday, November 8th: Symposium Day 1

Wissenschaftszentrum Kiel, Rooms Einstein & Siemens
9:00Opening and WelcomeRoom Einstein
9:05Palladio (slides) / Kieker (slides) / Descartes (slides) Updates
Session Chair: Wilhelm HasselbringKeynoteRoom Einstein
9:20Monitor and Manage Microservices
Mirko Novakovic (Instana)slides
10:00Coffee Break
Session Chair: Samuel KounevSession: ExperienceRoom Einstein
10:30An Experience Talk: How Can Performance Disrupt the Finance Technologies?
Emre Taspolatoglu and Jörg Henß
11:00A Scalable Web Application for Performance Modeling and Prediction
Markus Dlugi
11:30A Reference Platform for Software Performance Engineering in DevOps
Teerat Pitakrat and Jonas Heinischslides
12:00 - 13:00Lunch Break
Session Chair: Holger EichelbergerSession: Monitoring Infrastructure (Parallel Tracks)Room Einstein
13:00Kieker in Eclipse - A Plug-in for Application Performance Monitoring and Dynamic Analysis in Eclipse
Florian Echternkamp and Christian Wulfslides
13:30Advanced Typing for the Kieker Instrumentation Languages
Reiner Jung and Christian Wulfslides
14:00Moving Kieker to a pipeline-supported development process: Discussing recent achievements and lessons learned
Thomas F. Düllmann
14:30Kieker4DQL: Declarative Performance Measurement
Matthias Blohm, Maksim Pahlberg, Sebastian Vogel, Jürgen Walter and Dušan Okanovićslides
Session Chair: Steffen BeckerSession: Modeling Infrastructure (Parallel Tracks)Room Siemens
13:00Leveraging Palladio for Performance Awareness in the IETS3 Integrated Specification Environment
Fabian Keller, Markus Völter, André van Hoorn and Klaus Birken
13:30Automatic Synchronization of Palladio Allocation Diagrams with executed Java EE Containers Extensible Graphical Editors for Palladio
Marco Konersmann and Jens Holschbachslides
14:00Extensible Graphical Editors for Palladio
Misha Strittmatter, Michael Junker, Kiana Rostami, Sebastian Lehrig, Amine Kechaou, Bo Liu and Robert Heinrich
14:30Challenges to Trading-Off Performance and Privacy of Component-Based Systems
Stephan Seifermann, Kateryna Yurchenko and Max E. Kramer
15:00Coffee Break
Session Chair: André van HoornSession: Performance Improvement (Parallel Tracks)Room Einstein
15:30Improving Kieker's Scalability by Employing Linked Read-Optimized and Write-Optimized NoSQL Storage
Armin Moebius and Sven Ulrichslides
16:00Refactoring Kieker's Monitoring Component to further Reduce the Runtime Overhead
Hannes Strubel and Christian Wulfslides
16:30Triggering Performance Counters for Energy Efficiency Measurements
Norbert Schmitt, Jóakim von Kistowski and Samuel Kounev
17:00From Reproducibility Problems to Improvements: A journey
Aike Sass, Holger Eichelberger and Klaus Schmidslides
Session Chair: Felix WillneckerSession: Modeling and Simulation (Parallel Tracks)Room Siemens
15:30Performance Prediction for Multicore Environments - A Experiment Report
Markus Frank and Marcus Hilbrich
16:00Modeling and Simulating Apache Spark Streaming Applications
Johannes Kroß and Helmut Krcmar
16:30Modeling IaaS Usage Patterns for the Analysis of Cloud Optimization Policies
Sebastian D. Krach, Christian Stier and Athanasios Tsitsipas
17:00Security Modeling with Palladio-Different Approaches
Marcus Hilbrich, Markus Frank and Sebastian Lehrig
19:00Dinner and Socializing Location: Brooklyn

Wednesday, November 9th: Symposium Day 2

Wissenschaftszentrum Kiel, Rooms Einstein & Siemens
Session Chair: Ralf H. ReussnerKeynoteRoom Einstein
9:00Disruption of the APM market through open standards and open source - our vision of an ideological change
Stefan Thieme (Novatec)slides
9:40Coffee Break
Session Chair: Dušan OkanovićSession: Concurrency and Elasticity (Parallel)Room Einstein
10:00Combining Application-Level and Database-Level Monitoring to Analyze the Performance Impact of Database Lock Contention
Holger Knocheslides
10:30An Elastic Layers Pattern Approach with Dynamically Added Layers
Christian Zirkelbach and Marc Adolfslides
11:00Design and Evaluation of a Proactive, Application-Aware Elasticity Mechanism
André Bauer, Nikolas Roman Herbst, Simon Spinner and Samuel Kounevslides
Session Chair: Reiner JungSession: Software Architecture and Behavior (Parallel)Room Siemens
10:00Online Anomaly Detection Based on Monitoring Traces
Marius Oehler, Alexander Wert and Christoph Heger
10:30Extraction of Operational Workflow-based User Behavior Profiles for Software Modernization
Gunnar Dittrich and Christian Wulfslides
11:00Software architecture optimization: Acting the way human architects do it
J. Andres Diaz-Pace, Sebastian Frank, André van Hoorn, Alejandro Rago and Santiago Vidal
11:30 - 12:30Lunch
Session Chair: Wilhelm HasselbringSession: Frameworks and InteroperabilityRoom Einstein
12:30PAVO: A Framework for Result Visualization for Performance Analyses
Jürgen Walter, Maximilian König, Simon Eismann and Samuel Kounev
13:00SiaaS: Simulation as a Service
Felix Willnecker, Christian Vögele and Helmut Krcmar
13:30APM Interoperability with OPEN.xtrace: Overview and Lessons learned
Alexander Bran, Alper Hidiroglu, Manuel Palenga and Dušan Okanović