The 9th Symposium on Software Performance (SSP) will take place in Hildesheim, one of the “smallest big cities” in Germany with nearly exact 100.000 citizens. It is located around 30 kilometers from Hanover, the capital of Lower Saxony in the north-western part of Germany, which makes it easy to reach by plane, train, and car. Many ICE trains from Göttingen to Berlin  stop in Hildesheim.

Hildesheim market square © Hildesheim Marketing, Photographer: Obornik

The city has a long history ranging back to the year 815. Since then and due to religious influences, Hildesheim is famous for its churches, from which two are UNESCO world heritage sites today. Besides its religious, cultural, and historical sites, Hildesheim also is the dominant commercial center in the region. Global companies, like Robert Bosch GmbH, TomTom International B.V., and Coca-Cola, as well as a number of medium-size enterprises of which the COMPRA GmbH and Mentana Claimsoft GmbH are only two examples reside at this charming city.

Historical buildings in Hildesheim © Hildesheim Marketing

The University of Hildesheim (Stiftung Universität Hildesheim - SUH) will host the SPP in 2018 and provides the actual locations for the symposium. Similar to the city of Hildesheim, SUH has a quite long history as it was initially founded as a place for catholic teaching seminars in 1855. Today, it is a place for innovative research and academic training of more than 8.000 students at different locations in the city, ranging from modern buildings at the main campus to historical ones at the Domäne Marienburg. Being a rather small university, SUH allows individual and personal student support, which in combination with early practical experiences results in a close relation to the residing companies. In particular, in the area of computer science, 38 partnerships with global and medium-size enterprises like those above exist. This close cooperation with local companies also enables diverse research and development opportunities. Further, researchers at SUH contribute to multiple nationally and internationally funded research projects covering domains from teaching and linguistic to mathematics and computer science. The SSP will be organized by the Software Systems Engineering group.


University of Hildesheim, main campus, library © University of Hildesheim, Photographer: Chris Gossmann


The symposium (November 8-9, 2018) will be held in the Center for World Music, formerly St. Timotheus church (out of service), Timoteus Platz/Schillstraße. It can be reached via bus stop "Schillstraße" (lines 1, 4, 10). From the bus stop, just follow the Schillstraße until you reach the center on the left side.

 Center for World Music, close to Samelson campus  © Software Systems Engineering, University of Hildesheim, Photographer: Uwe Oppermann

The developer meeting (November 7, 2018) will be held on the main campus of SUH, Universitätsplatz 1, in building N (show in the picture below). It can be reached via bus stop "Universität" (lines 1, 4, 10), see also travelling information.

Building N (Forum) © University of Hildesheim, Photographer: Clemens Heidrich


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