Monday, November 7th: Developer Day

10:30-18:00Palladio Developer Meeting (Room H0.124a)
16:00-18:00Kieker Developer Meeting (Room H0.29)
19:00-Self-paid dinner: Wichtel Feuerbach, Stuttgarter Straße 21, 70469 Stuttgart,

Tuesday, November 8th: Main program

09:00-09:30Registration and get together
09:30-10:00Welcoming talk I - Simona Kaltbach (Vector)
10:00-10:30Welcoming talk II - Short reports on Palladio (Slides), Descartes (Slides) and Kieker (Slides)
10:30-11:00Coffee break
Session 1: Scalable and reconfigurable applications, Session Chair: Holger Eichelberger

Sören Henning, Benedikt Wetzel and Wilhelm Hasselbring
Cloud-Native Scalability Benchmarking with Theodolite: Applied to the TeaStore Benchmark (Slides)


Stefan Höppner, Florian Ege, Sarah Stieß and Matthias Tichy
State Space Exploration for Planning Reconfigurations in Cloud-native Systems (Slides)

12:00-12:30Johannes Rank, Andreas Hein, Helmut Krcmar and Maximilian Barnert
Predicting Scaling Efficiency of Distributed Stream Processing Systems via Task Level Performance Simulation (Slides)
Session 2: Industry & real-world workloads, Session Chair: Wilhelm Hasselbring
14:20-14:50Dušan Okanović
Interoperability on an Enterprise Level: Taking Control Over Observability Data with Observability Pipelines (Slides)
14:50-15:10Johannes Rank, Andreas Hein and Helmut Krcmar
The Role of Performance in Streaming Analytics Projects: Expert Interviews on Current Challenges and Future Research Directions (Slides)
15:10-15:30Maximilian Schwinger
Modelling EO data processing workloads and environments (Slides)
15:30-16:00Coffee break
Session 3: Instrumentation, Architecture Recovery and Extraction, Session Chair: David Georg Reichelt

Reiner Jung, Henning Schnoor, Sven Gundlach and Wilhelm Hasselbring
Architecture Recovery from Fortran Code with Kieker (Slides)


Tim Thüring, Gabriel Glaser, Marcel Hafner, Abel Gitzing, Sebastian Frank, Alireza Hakamian and André van Hoorn
Extracting Software Architectures from Traces for the Simulation of Microservice-based Architectures (Slides)


Serafim Simonov, Thomas Duellmann, Reiner Jung and Sven Gundlach
Instrumenting Python with Kieker (Slides)

Final remarks & closing
19:00-Official Dinner: Ochs'n Willi, Kleiner Schlossplatz 4, 70173 Stuttgart,

Wednesday, November 9th: Main Program 2nd Day

09:30-10:00 Industry talk:
Mahir Isikli (Novatec)
What’s going on in my Cluster?
Session 4: Performance from Cloud to Edge, Session Chair: Holger Knoche

Martin Straesser, Patrick Haas and Samuel Kounev
Leveraging Kubernetes Source Code for Performance Simulation (Slides)


Ahmad Alamoush and Holger Eichelberger
Adapting Kubernetes to IIoT and Industry 4.0 protocols - An initial performance analysis (Slides)

10:50-11:20Coffee break

Sebastian Weber, Jörg Henß and Ralf Reussner
Co-Simulation of Hardware and Software in Palladio (Slides)


Daniel Seybold and Jörg Domaschka
Experiences from Building the Open Database Performance Ranking (Slides)

Session 5: Performance Assessment and Comparisons, Session Chair: Samuel Kounev

Lukas Beierlieb, Lukas Iffländer and Samuel Kounev
Comparison Between Polling- and Interrupt-based Packet processing Regarding Performance (Slides)

Session 5 (Cont.): Performance Assessment and Comparisons, Session Chair: Samuel Kounev

David Georg Reichelt, Hannes Krauß, Stefan Kühne and Wilhelm Hasselbring
Generic Performance Measurement in CI: The Geomap Case Study (Slides)


Christian Sauer and Holger Eichelberger
Performance evaluation of BaSyx based Asset Administration Shells for Industry 4.0 Applications (Slides)

14:50-15:00Short Coffee break
Session 6: Domain-based Quality Evaluation, Session Chair: Alireza Hakamian

Holger Eichelberger, Gregory Palmer and Claudia Niederée
Developing an AI-enabled Industry 4.0 platform - Performance experiences on deploying AI onto an industrial edge device (Slides)


Denis Zahariev, Sebastian Frank, Alireza Hakamian and André van Hoorn
Supporting and Verifying Transient Behavior Specifications in Chaos Engineering (Slides)


Heiko Holz, Brill Marius, Dominik Kesim, Matthias Eschhold, Sebastian Frank and André van Hoorn
dqualizer: Domain-centric runtime quality analysis of business-critical application systems (Slides)